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You have Raven
Positive Traits: Intellectual,
Wise, Experienced, Honest,
Negative Traits: Pompous,
Condescending, Withdrawn, Pessimistic,

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. What type of eyes do you have?
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Your French name is
which means 'sad'.
You are disapointed in life and wish there was a
way to fix it. Life has no meaning to you and
you can't enjoy it. You have not quite given up
hope, however...

What is your French name?
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your marrying zacky zengeance or the lead from arch

who will you marry?
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You should wear black. This color makes you look
mysterious and hot, but it doesn't make your
skin look white.

What Color Do You Look Best In?
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You are a Fresh Cut Roses candle! You like the look
of flowers on your table and the smell of
blooming buds.

What Fragrance Are You?
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Your twin is Paris Hilton. Your sexy and cute at
the same time. You also know how to strike a
pose. You are the girl all the boys want. You
have evrything you want and everyone wants to
be you.

QUiZ: Who is your twin celebrity y??{ w/ great pics !!} GiRlS OnLiI
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Your beauty lies in your soul.

There are so many unlike you in this world. You're
like a very rare diamond. No, diamonds can't
shine as much your soul.

Your motive:

To help others in need and maintain happiness
withen others around you.

Your quote:

If you fall either I fall with you or I'll catch
you pull you back up.

Your colors:

Silver and Gold

Your song:

Wings of a Butterfly - HIM

"Come on and show them your love. Rip out the
wings of a butterfly."

Please rate and message.

Where do You Find Your Beauty? (Gorgeous Pictures and Touching Results)
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src="http://images.quizilla.com/X/X-/X-R/x-RejectedSoul.x/1132461731_tures40644.gif" border="0" alt="HASH(0x8db835c)">
You are very unpredictable many don't know Whats
Hidden Behind Your Smile because you always
show to world that you happy but yet your
inside you ffel sadness & sorrow. Your feel
hurt & betrayed.

What's Hidden Behind Your Smile?
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"Gold Digger" Kanye West + Jamie Foxx

What's Your Theme Song?----Get my quiz to the highest rated!!!
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you will be suprised by the saphirre ring he bought
with his last bit of money in a tropical
sensation where your punk/ghetto lover will

how will you be proposed to? (girls please)
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Dark, magnificent dress. Inspired by the
Middle-Ages, you will look like an amazingly
beatiful lady of a castle!

HOW WOULD YOUR PROM DRESS LOOK LIKE? -11 different outcomes-
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You love black! You have one or two friends who are
goths just like you!

What r u? Prep, Goth, Randm, Loner, Punk, etc... Awesome resultz! 1st evr so be nice!
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James / Veronica

What name suits you! there are tons on here so you will get a unique one!
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Maleficent Result

Which DISNEY character are you most like?
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Loving Smile

When you're smiling, it's most
likely because you're with the one you love.
You have a boyfriend/girlfriend and you're with
them a lot. Most likely he/she's the only one
you think about. When you're with them, you're
constantly smiling and having a good time.

What kind of smile do you have?
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Your humor makes you beautiful. The fact that you
can make people laugh and feel happy is your
beauty. In a world/society that stresses over
everything you make people feel good; this
attracts them to you.

What Makes You Beautiful?
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You're crazy! YAY!
Now, if the world had more people like you, we'd be
cultivating chocolate and the ozone would be a
thing of the past.
^_^ Have a nice day.

Insanity Test
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Punk Chick
To the world you are a punk. You are sometimes
called a goth by people who don't know
anything. You tend to have a pessimistic view
of life, but every now and then something makes
you smile. You hold back your emotions and it
makes you mean. Try letting loose once in a
while and you'll feel a lot better. Your Song:
It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish
by My Chemical Romance. Your Jewel: A Rock.
Your Movie: The Matrix.

To The World, You Are A... (girls specifically but if a guy wants to take it go ahead)
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You are a Locked-Up Girlfriend! You have locked
yourself out of love, weather it be because you
have experienced too many heartbreaks, or that
you just dont want to. Whatever it is, you try
not to love, and maybe even convince yourself
to fall out of love. If a guy ever did find the
lost key to your heart, he might not be able to
open it.
Quote: There is always some madness in love. But
there is also always some reason in madness. -
Friedrich Nietzsche

What Kind of GIRLFRIEND are YOU? (with pics)
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You are Loneliness. Depressed, you are a dark
person who tends to see the worst side of
everything. This pessimism isn't making your
life any better. Sometimes you wish for
happiness, but yet you are scared of what it
could bring.

What Are You? (5 detailed answers + beautiful anime pics)
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wow!your smokin'

How hot are you??
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Raeven Witch. you are the raeven witch. mysterious
and peaceful, you are a calm witch who devotes
herself to worshiping the moon in all its
fases. your song is "imaginary" by

What witch are you? (gorgeous pics - 7 different results)
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You hide your flaws. You keep your negative
thoughts to yourself and try to make others
happy. Or mabey, you just have some other flaw
that I didn't think of.

What is the flaw in your personality? (now fixed) (gender friendly)
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The goddess of Death. You love seeing people in
pain, especially if you're the one causing it.
You don't have that many friends, probably
because they're terrified of you. You have a
family but you're either most of the time mad
at them or you hate them and you run away. You
sometimes wish to be accepted among others and
because you were always rejected, you became
the goddess of death. So, in the end, it wasn't
really your fault. Your power would be the
ability to morph into anything or anyone. That
way, you don't have to feel the pain of being
you all the time.

What are you a Goddess of? - (with anime pics)
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people look at you like you have no furture...
maybe they're just jealous? well, your pure
evil, you don't really care about anything...

how do people look at you? (anime pics!)
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you feel deep pain inside u.. someone has hurted u
badly and u feel you never feel happy again..
Just call your friends and do something what
cheers u up.. ^_^

How do u feel inside?( 6 outcomes)
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People will remember you for been so suicidal and
depressed. When someone is feeling depressed or
some depressing music is been played or a
depressing tv program/film is been showed
people will also remember you then. The people
moast likely to remember you is your family and
your closest friend.

Who and how will you be remembered when you are dead?
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~Apocalypse Angel~

"You've been really bad". It's a good
thing you have many things in your way right
now and you have no doubt. You'll succeed. Your
fighting Influence is a good attribute just
watch who you hurt and I mean physically and
mentally you do more damage than you think.
Heaven isn't a place for a person who tends to
start things violently...they would of kept you
if only you kept your temper down. Your one to
look up to keep being the nice bad ass everyone

What Kind Of Fallen Angel Are You? (For Boys & Girls)
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You hurt, you hurt all the time. You think nothing
can save you...So you quietly brood and think
of all the pain that has been inflicted on you.
So, you choose the razor blade or steak knife,
if you really want to drown the pain that's
deep inside your chest. Your chance of suicide
is moderate to high. You'll try to kill
yourself in the next month or two. Seek a
counselor or a psychiatrist/psychologist. You
need to be on medication.

.oOPick Your PoisonOo.
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Welche Traene bist du?
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Death caused your
broken heart. Someone close to you has died
and it has left you completely devistated.
Sometimes you just feel like you can't go on.
Just keep your chin up, even if it isn't easy
all the time. You can pull through!

My quote
to you: "One can survive everything,
nowadays, except death, and live down
everything except a good reputation." ~
Oscar Wilde

Why Is Your Heart Broken?
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WHITE is the color that represents you. You
have a very pure, innocent heart, and
you are very loving and caring towards your
friends/family. You love to help people, but
you don't usually expect it back. You thrive on
doing what is right, and you look for the sweet
stuff in life!
Your symbol: Angel's Wings
Your best quality: Loving/Caring
Your best feature: Your eyes!

Which color represents you?
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The Land of Darkness

The Land of Darkness is your dreary home. Your life
is bleak and sinister. You are prone to
depression. You feel anger at the world and you
feel like the victim. Everyone is out to get
you. You have no problem showing your emotions,
and you probably show them in a destructive
way. You might have no objections to causing
other people pain as you put yourself through
pain. You probably cut or mutilate your body.
However, deep down you are lost and crying out
for help. You are a small weeping child with
the hard exterior of a person who has been
through extreme sorrow in their life.

What is the mystical land of your birth? {13 results with gorgeous anime pics}
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You're Bipolar.
You are bipolar, also known as "Clinically
Depressed"! But don't fret my little
unhappy dumpling, because you usually work
things out on your own. You just need someone
to talk to most of the time. As for friends,
well, you're a little short, but you still have
a few close ones that you hold dear. You're
always wishing for something more, and have
MAJOR, MAJOR moodswings. Like, PMS times 10
moodswings. In most cases, you usually resign
to pessimism, and people say you're
"Depressing to be around".

What's Your Disorder?
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your element is dreams it is the most mysterious of
all the elements and perhaps the most rare you
are kind and you love everything you see and
everything loves you back

what is your inner element (with great pics)
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You might look like this

If you were an Anime Girl what would you look like?
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grey, you are sieriouse and verry smart, u often
find oother people ignorant, but don't care
they'r good friends any way.
please rate it toulk a while 2 make this. ^.^

whats your anime eye color? with anime pics and html!
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